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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

From 1st of September 2014, OUS has a new agreement and the UNESCO logo will appear officially on OUS student cards.

Student cards will be given for FREE (only for students who paid at least 50% of their study fee) to all our students (ONLY OUS STUDENTS) who will join from October 2014 intake

Having their logo on Student card will give our student internationally accepted proof of student status and this card will be recognized in whole EU countries and in over 130 countries


UNESCOEvery invention in this world is only for the betterment of human life.  When we fall in trouble only then we look for the solution. As an intergovernmental organization, the United Nations (UN) was established to salute the world crisis on 24th October 1945 by taking the vision “Promote International Co-Operation”.For the development of the human state, United Nations spotlights on some key point. To focus on some invaluable aspect of human life such as education, science, and culture, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization was formed on 4th November 1946.Universal human rights management, universal respect for justice along with the rule of law was the intention behind the formation of UNESCO. This organization was designed based on five major programs education, natural science, social and human science, culture, communication, and information by signing the constitution on 16 November 1945 in London by 37 countries.

UNESCO achieved a distinctive success in every program of it's; which are conducted by the great attention looking on its goals. And these attentive goals are exercised on its 195 member states by categorized upon the progressive condition of that states.

Education is the most preferred program taken for the underprivileged urban and remote communities and the goal is to educate the children and adults of that areas. Education tools development is the focal point of this program. Freedom of speech and expression is another focal point of this program.”Associated  School  Project  Network ”  is an example project to touch the goal about speech freedom which was launched in 1953.And till 2008 it has implemented it among eight thousand educational institutions in over a wide range area numbered  170 countries. Compulsory but free primary education was recommended by UNESCO universally in the year 1948.As a sign of educational improvement United Nations University was established in Tokyo in the year of 1975.

For the development of scientific knowledge enhancing human living UNESCO works in the developing countries.Management of pesticide, irrigation system for food, clean drinking water wells and management of the cultural heritage project using science and technologies are the focal point of UNESCO science program. Aral Sea Project at Kazakhstan is the example project in this issue where catchment area was 1549000 square kilometers.

World heritage sites throughout the world are listed and advertised by UNESCO for learning the people of the world about the natural and manmade site.

It has also taken the Millennium Development Goals project as a joint program with UNDP, UNIPA, pointUNIDO, and UNWTO for the development several points of human life by 2015 taken in the year of 2000.And by the year 2013, it has able to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger at a satisfactory level. Universal primary education, gender discrimination, empowerment of women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, environmental sustainability and the global partnership are the goals of this project, which are going to fulfilled level by the recent year.

To improve the quality of education, achieve gender parity, adult literacy to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reducing child mortality and many more invaluable goals are touched by UNESCO. Speech and expression freedom, cultural protection and social development are gained by UNESCO especially throughout the developing countries.

This partnership is in cooperation with STA and ISIC.

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