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The Restaurant Association UK

the-restaurant-associationOUS is Proud to be member by The Restaurant Association UK

Among the affiliates of the British Hospitality Association is The Restaurant Association. This happens to be the key trade association fighting for the rights of hotel, restaurant and catering industry. The membership of The Restaurant Association is chains of restaurants, groups of restaurants as well as the leading independent restaurants within the United Kingdom. In addition, The Restaurant Association is also the umbrella representative of clubs, several independent hotels, several foods & service management organizations, motorway service operating companies and several other companies within the British hospitality industry including hospitality schools, colleges, and universities. The number of organizations and companies that The Restaurant Association represents is well above forty thousand thereby making it be a major force in the United Kingdom hospitality industry.

The Restaurant Association has for a long time been voicing the concerns and issues of its 2.7 million members to the relevant authorities. It is one of the bodies that have ensured that the hospitality industry keeps marching forward. Members are represented when the industry is in dialogue with the government and their grievances aired. The demands of the hospitality are also always steered by The Restaurant Association while at the same time this body is responsible for public awareness.

What makes The Restaurant Association more successful than most of the associations we know in the world are the strategy used by this body to achieve its goals? Unlike other bodies which only rely on the top governing bodies to air their interests as well as the interests of their respective industries, The Restaurant Association uses a totally different approach. Out of all the 2.7 million members that The Restaurant Association represents, all of them have been trained and sensitized to be ambassadors of their fellow workers as well as the British hospitality industry as a whole. In this way, the tourism and hospitality industry in the United Kingdom has well been represented across the whole nation.

When the members of The Restaurant Association go on their daily duties, they undertake their activities knowing pretty well that they are not by themselves but are a small picture of The Restaurant Association to be read. This is the reason as to why when they serve, accommodate and welcome their customers, they pamper them a great deal thereby giving the British hospitality industry a good name, making foreigners to want to come back again. The Restaurant Association is just a proud representative of the British hospitality industry while its members are proud to be represented by this honorable and professional body.

Other than just helping the members and improving the condition of the hospitality industry, The Restaurant Association is also proud to be giving back to the society. It has taken a great responsibility in helping solve The Big Conversation, which is a campaign within the hospitality industry that is geared towards helping the over a million jobless youths get employment hence better their lives. Under the Big Conversation, The Restaurant Association has been able to help these youth get skills and jobs within the hospitality and tourism industry.

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