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ISIC - International Student Identity Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) 

ALL OUS Students will get for free of charge ISIC cards by applying within 6 months from beginning of their study

(valid only for students who paid at least 50% from their study fee)

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The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is specially designed for the discount which is internationally recognized with the validation of 12 months from the date of issue. Students of any age any country through the world. It was first in 1953.A nonprofitable organization named ISIC association provide this card for the bona fide students without the limitation of upper age but must start at 12.To increase educational opportunities and intercultural understanding improvement aspect is the main objective of this project. To identify the student themselves around the world the ISIC association provides these cards in 130 countries students. And a historical achievement was gained by ISIC by providing 56000 cards among 31 countries in the launching year.

As an everyday lifestyle card, ISIC is focused as travel card including a lot of affinities. From online air booking to all aspects of international travel it is very much useful for the students as it is designed upon international economic equality. The licensing authorities through the world who possesses the right to distribute cards are the main network to make it use of.For the distribution, development, and promotion of this card is depend upon the licensed authority of ISIC association. Local and national discounts are provided for the ISIC card holder students and the responsible authority for all about this issue is the ISIC association.

17 years onward students are eligible to get this card for 12 months for the bona fide students in higher education in full times.And the validation period depends upon the country academic year calendar. If the academic year starts from the month of 1st August then the validation will be 30th November of the following year. And if it starts with 1st January then it will be valid until 31 May of the following year. the price of ISIC card is reliable and it depends on the value of local market considering economic development level of that countries. A most valuable aspect of this card is a combination with bank and university card. For a common overlapping market, this is using over 102 banks and nearly 839 universities of the world.

The status of a student must be proved the national government’s ministries of education and tourism considering them as a national authority. Local universities are treated as local authority for the proof of studentship. Various International Organizations have the legality to proof one's studentship. And this proof meant is badly needed to get this card as a condition of the applicant. As a document of cultural exchange and international understanding, UNESCO endorsed this card from the year 1968. ALESEC, Community of Andean nations, International Pharmaceutical Federation, ELSA, World Youth Student Education Travel Confederation, European Commission and many more International Organizations are endorsing ISIC card.

 MasterCard, Microsoft, The Economist, e-academy, Accor Hotel Group are the strategic partner of ISIC card. For the retail purchase including admission, entertainment, accommodation in the home and abroad there is no competitor of ISIC card for the students of 130 countries throughout the world.   So for the better life, to make the student life more comfortable ISIC card is the best choice for the students.

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