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British Hospitality Association (BHA)

bhaOUS is Proud to be member of the British Hospitality Association (BHA)

British Hospitality Association (BHA) is an association that incorporates all the restaurant affairs and champions their interests and the interests of the whole hospitality industry at large and at the same time factoring in the interests of the hospitality industry workers within the United Kingdom. Being the voice of the voiceless restaurants and voiceless workers, British Hospitality Association (BHA) voices the interests of the hotels, catering establishments, restaurants and holidays attraction industries among others of the like. Their results are truly tangible and the benefits are real as seen through their agenda.

Having attained a century in 2007 since its inception, British Hospitality Association (BHA) knows virtually everything that interests all those who are in this sector. It is an umbrella organization with all the agenda and skills that any person subscribing to such will really feel happy to be a member. Other than just helping their members to gain their rights, British Hospitality Association (BHA) does not end there but always strives to ensure that all its members are successful in their lives.

Through public awareness strategies, British Hospitality Association (BHA) uses the government; media and other organization to not only promote the British hospitality industry within the United Kingdom but throughout the globe. This has made the tourism and hospitality industries to thrive a lot since the constant public awareness has not only boosted the efforts but has also ensured that these industries are in the mind of the citizens.

The growing membership of British Hospitality Association (BHA) does not only mean that it is influential but also means that the big influence is constantly increasing its base. Among the factors attributing to this positive influence to the public is its commendable job in service delivery, fighting for the interests of the voiceless as well as the dynamic nature of this organization.

The five core campaigns

British Hospitality Association (BHA) has got five core goals that are as enumerated below;

1. Inspiring the next generation through creation of three hundred thousand new jobs in this industry by the year 2020

2. Facilitating access by requesting and demanding the government of the United Kingdom to improve the process together with the cost and as well as the perception of accessing a visa to the UK.

3. Driving competitiveness and this is only possible if the government lowers the VAT rates in the tourism sector.

4. Responsible hospitality: this is through giving back to the society by helping the community achieve new and high standards as far as waste reduction, trusted food and healthy living is concerned. This is done by British Hospitality Association (BHA) giving advice to the government on the reduction of the red tape that costs a lot of money thereby hurting the hospitality industry a great deal.

5. Hospitality Bellwether: this is a new campaign that has been geared towards supporting the British Hospitality Association (BHA) with topical consumer insights.

British Hospitality Association (BHA) has surely retained its identity through effectiveness and delivery of results.

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