3 Universities/Academies = 1 Doctorate (100% Online Study Program & Graduation in Switzerland)

Students will have a joint Doctorate from OUS Academy in Switzerland + the University of Dąbrowa Górnicza (WSB) in Poland + Taras Shevchenko National University (KNU) in Ukraine.
This Doctorate is unique. OUS is the first Academy provides its students such high level of a program. Click Here for more info

THREE Top European Universities/Academies = Best Virtual/Distance Program = ONE Top European Master


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DBA in International Management

Advance your Expertise at OUS
Connect with learners and leaders in our online doctoral programs. You will go as far as your mind will take you as a doctoral student at OUS.

For Academic Researchers and Educators
Doctorate of International Management (DBA) signifies the highest level of achievement in any academic discipline.

This is the highest educational level you can study at OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland. If you are interested in continuing a career in International Management, then it is a clear-cut indication that you have the interest to enhance your approach in the international environment. Those individuals who hold Master’s degree in International Management or any similar field can provide a great boost to their careers by obtaining Doctorate in International Management because it expands their knowledge and improves skills required for progress in this field. International Management is a diverse field, which holds its own significance and people, who are associated with it generally, work in government infrastructure dealing with local public affairs alongside foreign relations. These are only a few areas where people related to International Management may be found working. In addition to the above-mentioned career options, many other job-related opportunities also come across the way of those who hold Doctorate in International Management. You can either work in the field of international affairs or get associated with charitable services. Actually, the main thing is that international management is a very vast field with strict requirements when it comes to qualifications. To reach more career achievements you need to equip yourself with an improved level of knowledge and also skill because otherwise surviving in the competitive scenario gets very difficult.

The majority of individuals working in this field are Master holders. It means that if you acquire Doctorate in International Management, then surely it will provide you with an edge over your competitors, and there are better chances that employers will prefer you. If the case is that you are already doing a job then there are high chances that you will be promoted. When you move out to continue your Doctorate in the field of International Management, then you will find many schools capable of showing compatibility with your learning related requirements, but it is important to give due consideration to eligibility criteria. To pursue a Doctorate in International Management from OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland it is important that you should have a Master’s degree in the same field. Otherwise, seven years of working experience in management is required plus any Bachelor’s or equivalent. The duration, of course, is one year plus a thesis. However, it is strongly recommended that you should consider enrolling in a reputable institution like OUS that can provide you with all relevant facilities, which are required for completion of the program. You have plenty of options: either you can be enrolled and work hard with your supervisor or use online means for getting an education. Our online school is fully capable of providing you with similar learning experience and course associated with traditional colleges and universities. You should prefer such an academic institution, which possess a decent academic history and its course needs to be good enough to show compatibility with modern requirements. The OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland can be an ideal choice here and it is recommended that professionals who wish to pursue their Doctorate online should consider our study program.

Business Administration has been ranked among the most popular studies in the world. A survey, made by other universities, showed that a graduate from a business school earns on average $45,200 (NACE Salary Survey). 

While studying our doctorate programs, you will:ASIC P

  • Develop and practice innovative research methods.
  • Earn the highest quality of education.
  • Publish works in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Become a successful doctoral researcher and educator.

Did you know that Swiss Management Education has been ranked first worldwide by the World Economic Forum?, If you are interested in Business Administration and want to be a future manager or get a better position, then you should apply today to study with us. All our study programs are made for you to be able to finish within one academic year. READ MORE

The doctorate will take your leadership to the next level. While studying our doctoral programs, you will:

  • Study and apply innovative research methods.
  • Combine applied research and professional practice.
  • Be trained to make an impact on policy and practice.
  • Learn strategies to facilitate more effective, adaptable organizations and create positive change.
  • Become a more innovative leader in your field.

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